Katherine heigl jason behr dating

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Katherine heigl jason behr dating

For some reason, imagining wholesome relations fornicating somehow doesn't quite have the same appeal... Here's a list of Hollywood celebs that have done the dirty with their onscreen family members.

Fictional as their familial bonds may be, it still feels a little... Dated: 2007 - 2010Serial killer Dexter and his foul-mouthed, adopted, detective sister, Deborah, shared a romantic interest both on and off screen.

Sadly, their relationship has now ended, but they were very much in love when shooting this movie!

Dated: 2004 - 2006The pair got together while playing brother and sister in Everwood and dated for some time.

Heigl was there promoting her upcoming show, "State of Affairs," while Fehr's "Night Shift" recently wrapped up Season One on the network.

It's not too difficult to picture - and believe me, we have pictured it - that two of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, after spending day-after-day on set, finally get jiggy with it.

And sneaky off-screen canoodles are basically inevitable. What's harder to picture however, is when those off-screen saucy antics are occurring between on-screen relatives.

But we were trying to stay secretive and didn't want it to get out there.

It never really weirded us out that we played brother and sister, because, you know, it's all fiction." Dated: 1990 - 1991Shannen Doherty bagged '90s heartthrob Jason Priestley while playing siblings Brenda and Brandon Walsh on hit US soap 90210.

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While there were many rumors flying around in 2007 that onscreen brother and sister, AJ and Meadow were dating, it was never confirmed.