Kevin costner dating

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Kevin costner dating

The film is a deeply felt project about race relations that reteams Costner with his friend Mike Binder, the writer-director who helped spark a career revival for the actor with The Upside of Anger in 2005.

"Nobody likes to talk about race, and everybody finds it difficult," Costner says.

On Dances With Wolves, he dealt with budget overruns, miserable weather and untrainable animal costars.

The film landed seven Oscars, including two for Costner, and revived the western as a box office institution.

"I have never played a video game, so I'm not on Xbox," Costner says.

"There's a certain joy that comes with a struggle," he says, a hint of excitement in his voice. I've always liked the journey." Born in January 1955 in L. County's workaday city of Lynwood, Kevin was the last of three children of Bill Costner, a ditchdigger who later serviced electric lines for Southern California Edison, and Sharon, a welfare worker.

He migrated with his family up and down coastal California as his dad changed jobs, eventually enrolling at the Fullerton campus of the state university system.

Then there were Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Wyatt Earp, Swing Vote and Hatfields & Mc Coys.

Costner battled uphill on each until the very last credits rolled up the screen.

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Although corporate America might have been OK for his classmates, "I kept thinking, 'I need a little more adventure,' " he says. Though Costner was cast among the soon-to-be-superstars of The Big Chill in 1983, his scenes were entirely excised by director Lawrence Kasdan. Costner's corpse is the one being laid to rest in the film's opening sequence. I wait for the big "No" to hit me, and when it doesn't, I keep going. If you can stay interested in what you're doing, it will keep you younger. Actually, it's more like a rustic tree house built on a grassy terrace overlooking the sea.

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