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M 0Mt tiiiiiiii UXIVERSn V OK TORONTO LIBRARY WILLIAM H. Mvered three actions in the field aj^ainst each other, where the three yount^cst left their lives, and therewith the Realm, to the eldest and lawful, and to the Christians must benign Prince.

DOXNER COLLECTION purchased from a gift hij THE DONNER CANADIAN FOUNDATION JOURNAL of the PANJAB HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Emperor's army consisted of twenty thousand Horse and thirty thousand Foot-soldiers.

whereto the impatient and vindictive tcm[)er of the Prince Mahhmud Azem had given great cause.

This Lord a'so prevailed so far with the other Princes of the blood, that Refiel Sjah and Djehaan Sjah declared themselves for their eldest Brother and against Prince Mahhmud Azem.

Company great expense and that too, without the least Guarantee for their affairs, even if he, as being the most wished for, should itjiiain upon the throne. Ketelaar, this was added to them that on March 3rd the eldest Prince sent a Firman or command in writing, ordering him with all his people i Rafi-ush-shan. The Lord Ambassador took council on the matter with his Deputits. His request was granted, and His Honour further advised to betake himself to the city, which had declared for His Highness, as the other would otherwise be sure to ask him and possible to force him, in the same way. lesides tliat hg was sick, this did not lie within his power, and that he hoped, therefore, to be excused in the matter. Sjah Aalein, although so severely wounded, remained about three days in life; but gave up the ghost on the 3rd day. ) Chan by name, caused his death and with a dagger ripped open his belly, being assured that he himself would otherwise be a dead man; but neither did he escape this, as he was immediately hacked to pieces by two bodyguards, who pursued him into the women's cjuarters.

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He was seven and forty years and four months old, and had also three Sons, of which the eldest was called Mahhmud Carlem, the second Forch Sjeer and the third Hamam Bax.^ the eldest being a Prince of about thirty, the next of five and twenty and the i Cabaya, " the surcoat or long tunic of muslin, whicli is one of the mcst common native garments of the better classes in India" (Hoteon-Jobson). The length of Shah 'Alam's reign is cor- rectly stated, so that 1653 is evidently a misprint. ■'Muhamniad Kasim, Farrukhsiyar, and Humayun Bakht, o-) )-ounj^cst a Unit cij^Mit years old.

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