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The number of settlements increased sharply in comparison with the preceding tumulus culture.

Unfortunately, few have been single bad urach excavated.

All in all, more radiocarbon and dendro-dates would be highly desirable.

The Urnfield culture grew from the preceding tumulus culture.

The existence of the Ha B3-phase is contested, as the material consists of female burials only.

The central European Lusatian culture forms part of the Urnfield tradition, but continues into the Iron Age without a notable break.

The Piliny culture in northern Hungary and Slovakia grew here the Tumulus culturebut used urn burials as well.

The influence of the Urnfield culture spread widely and found its way to the northeastern Iberian coast, where the nearby Celtiberians of the interior adapted it for use in their cemeteries.

The numerous hoards of the Urnfield culture and the existence of fortified settlements hill forts were taken as evidence for widespread warfare and upheaval by some scholars.

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It may have been produced at specialised workshops catering for the elite of a large area.