Lamide and ebuka dating websites

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These artistes work really hard; more so, those in Nigeria considering the harsher conditions.The least we could do is support them and make them feel like they are appreciated.

But in recent times, quality has become a huge part of most things they do and fans have become a lot more appreciative of these stars. But whether we like it or not, money plays a major part.

Front Page on the youth oriented YNaija, general lifestyle inclined 360Nobs, Breaking Times which deals mostly with current affairs, and Style Vitae a fashion and style portal.

In 2013, producers of Rubbin’ Minds, the popular TV talk-show for young Nigerians, announced that Ebuka Obi-Uchendu would be the new host of the show.

But the good part is that we were a support system for one another and the age difference meant that anyone who tried to mess with you like in school, would be in trouble. Surviving the auditions and staying in the house sure isn’t easy and anyone who is strong enough to do that, deserves some compliment. You think she didn’t know people would pick on her for her nyashy issues? We need to search ourselves and make certain difficult decisions. E: When I see or hear about Nigerian celebrities being bounced at clubs, it bothers me.

There was an elder sibling handy to put that person in his place. But she still didn’t care and put her emotions on the line in spite of it. Many will be uncomfortable but they have to be done and soon too if we hope to make any progress in the near future. You don’t want an artiste in your club but his music provides entertainment in there.

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But I for one went on it when I did, not for fame but for the adventure and the money.

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