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Yet films about women in similar positions rarely offer equally holistic backstories or character development.The subtext is this: If a man uses his body to get ahead, great; if he doesn’t, that’s fine, too, because he has other stuff going on.'We are located in the mountains, in a village, unlike in Beirut.' He added that the assailants' identities were known and that it was now the Internal Security Forces' responsibility to apprehend them.The President of the Private Hospitals Syndicate, Sleiman Haroun, condemned the acts of violence, saying: 'Enough is enough.' Haroun said they would wait a few days but 'if nothing is done [by security forces or the government] they would take a strong position'. I am not going to call anyone out for being responsible, because they know who they are.'Mr Chahine said the justice and health ministers both contacted him to denounce Friday's attack.When the Captain decides to take her shopping and she begins to remove her cloak in the middle of a department store, he immediately stops her, lest anyone see her Amazonian armor or womanly shoulder.It’s a point that resonates; most women know all too well what it feels like to be policed for their clothing in some way or another.This is the shocking moment a groom who was spraying bullets into the sky during his Lebanese ceremony lost control and shot the photographer.Footage shows the man casually holding the AK47 with one hand while sitting at a table surrounded by people, before firing a hail of bullets into air in the town of Bteghrin.

Maybe it was those women-only screenings that pissed quite a few men off, or just the fact that the entire basic premise is literally that it's up to a woman to save the world.

Beirut, you’re a cosmopolitan mix of cultures and international influences, aren’t you?

At once being dubbed the “Party Capital of the Arab World” while simultaneously maintaining significant conservative Muslim traditions, huh? Damn, Lebanon, it sounds like since independence your country has been marked by periods of political turmoil interspersed with prosperity built on your position as a regional center for finance and trade.

A later scene in which he tries to flirt with the poison-obsessed Dr.

Maru throws this into stark relief, her dismissal of his advances mirrors the moment Diana shut Bruce Wayne down in , but it also doesn’t much impede Steve from achieving his end goal.

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He said: 'I honestly do not have an explanation why they did that...

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