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Magnum varna dating

So, now the point of the argument is that if Rama was a mythological character, then how did Valmiki provide the history of Rama’s forefathers?

In Raghuvansham, how did Kalidasa provide details of Rama’s forefathers, and his various Santatis (successors) who ruled after him?

It is a well-known fact that Rama was born during the latter part of traita.

There can be nothing more shameful than living in India and yet denigrating one of its greatest role models.

Kindly read and circulate widely on eve of the Ayodhya judgement: Nowadays, the issue of Ramsetu is highly talked about by many people.

Hence, we can easily conclude that the period of Rama in the time scale is at least 1000,000 to 8,000, 000 years.

This issue will be resolved in another topic called “Blunders of Indian History”).

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