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Make a speech bubble online dating

An in-panel character (one who is fully or mostly visible in the panel of the strip of comic that the reader is viewing) uses a bubble with a pointer, called a tail, directed towards the speaker.When one character has multiple balloons within a panel, often only the balloon nearest to the speaker's head has a tail, and the others are connected to it in sequence by narrow bands.With the development of the comics industry in the 20th century, the appearance of speech balloons has become increasingly standardized, though the formal conventions that have evolved in different cultures (USA as opposed to Japan, for example), can be quite distinct. Outcault's Yellow Kid is generally credited as the first American comic strip character.His words initially appeared on his yellow shirt, but word balloons very much like those in use today were added almost immediately, as early as 1896.

Some characters and strips use highly unconventional methods of communication.

Thought bubbles may also be used in circumstances when a character is gagged or otherwise unable to speak.

Another, less conventional thought bubble has emerged: the "fuzzy" thought bubble.

By the start of the 20th century, word balloons were ubiquitous, and since that time only a very few American comic strips and comic books have relied on captions, notably Hal Foster's Prince Valiant and the early Tarzan comic strip in the 1930s.

In Europe, where text comics were more common, speech balloons slowly caught on with well known examples like Alain Saint-Ogan's Zig et Puce (1925), Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin (1929) and Rob-Vel's Spirou (1938). It comes in two forms for two circumstances: An in-panel character and an off-panel character.

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These were in common European use by the early 16th century.

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