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Messaging online dating example profiles

However, there have been cases where a user is shown prospects that are scattered around the country.To avoid this, you need to set your profile settings to show only local matches within X miles.They are a dedicated team and appreciate that they are ‘gate keepers’ if you will for the sites.Therefore they all work tirelessly to try and make sure that as few fraudsters as possible slip through the net.From both my own experience and research, I have concluded that the POF Top Prospect feature is not that useful.Most users reported that they had little to no interest in 80% of the prospects labeled.More often than not, these prospects do not appear in your traditional match results. Because they are derived using a different set of criteria that has very little to do with your profile information, chemistry results and relationship needs.A top prospect is determined through the basic details such as their age and proximity to you.

As well as ensuring that content is acceptable, they must also keep up to date with all of the trends that scammers use.

This can cover a whole range of things from escorts, prostitutes and ‘cam girls’, all the way to the other end of the spectrum to what are known as Romance Scams.

Romance Scams can be the most harmful to our members, as it is a game played with people's emotions in order to try and procure financial gain.

When a member begins chatting to someone on the site, there are 3 things that I would advise them to look out for: If a member can answer yes to all 3 of these questions, then they should stop all communication immediately and report them to our Moderation Team for further investigation.

If a member comes across someone that they believe to be in-genuine or someone that gives them cause for concern, they can use the ‘Report This Profile’ link, which can be found at the top and bottom of every member's profile as well as the top and bottom of any conversation with the member.

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Next, POF uses your profile views and communication efforts to determine that these matches could be a good fit.

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