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In the case of the Soviet POWs, most of the camps were simply open areas fenced off with barbed wire and watchtowers with no housing.These meager conditions forced the crowded prisoners to live in holes they had dug for themselves, which were exposed to the elements.

This deliberate starvation, leading many desperate prisoners to resort to acts of cannibalism, was Nazi policy in spite of food being available, in accordance to the Hunger Plan developed by the Reich Minister of Food Herbert Backe.Some of them were arbitrarily executed in the field by the German forces, died under inhuman conditions in German prisoner of war camps and during ruthless death marches from the front lines, or were shipped to Nazi concentration camps for extermination.Some 3.3 million Soviet POWs died in Nazi custody out of 5.7 million.Much like the Bataan Death March, the treatment of prisoners was brutal, without much in the way of supporting logistics.Original historic description: Ausgabe von Brot an gefangene Russen im Lager Winnica.

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Beatings and other abuse by the guards were common, and prisoners were malnourished, often consuming only a few hundred calories per day.

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