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If nothing works, look up their documentation for key words: control characters, escape sequence, carriage return, etc. It may have the same functionality in the alarm text box. Actually, looks like that won't work but I was able to just press enter and force the text down to the next line to format appropriately.

Thanks for the info YRoy, unfortuanatly niagara throws out most of the options you type in as invalid code, and others just insert some more info on the same line. I have tried to use the same mail provider for recipient and sender, add the sender account as friend, yet the mail server still block the mail. Everything has to be just right to get the email functionality matrix mentioned. I typically use gmail smtp.account = full email account address port 465 use ssl true use authentication true I have a single outgoing gmail account i use for each station and I use a different account for the return email address. You may need a licensed crypto service in your station for the ssl.

Does anyone know if you can get niagara to have the alarm text on multiple lines?

I want to have an alarm thats more, High Temp Alarm Ring Joe Bloggs on x4567 Instead of the, High Temp Alarm Ring Joe Bloggs on X4567.

Seems like we are stuck with one long line for email alarms out of Niagara, at least with R2 Are you running AX or R2? I have just set up an alarm to Email service on R2 and the format is fine. I`m having a problem where the alarm email unable to send out from mail provider. On a security jace I had to put the crypto service in.

You select what elements you require and the email is quite well paginated automatically: ====================== Alarm received from Boiler Room Time: 6-Jun-2007 GMT Swid: /*********/lon Trunk/XFL523BDi_5/Sump_Pump Name: Sump_Pump Message: Sump Pump in Boiler room has reported an alarm - Hide quoted text - Status: Type: Change of state Old state: normal New state: offnormal New Value: true Class ID: 10 Priority: 255 Ack required: true gnomethang _______________________________________________ "Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. On a WEB 700 with 3.7.106 it worked without installing the crypto service.

A tour of the New York State Power Vista will replace the Cave of the Winds Gorge Walk when the Cave of the Winds is unavailable.

Attractions are seasonal and operate subject to weather conditions.

• Stop at all the key viewing areas of the falls including Goat Island.Thanks for any help, -Ken I didn't download anything there but that page is where i got a lot of good information.The override report show there is too generic as it will also display points we have schedules and logic connected to at priority 10 and 16.Far as I can tell using the standard alarm you can't send something like Boiler fault, Flow temp 50'F where as a programable point can send an email with text with multiple strings and variables all added up. I am basically tasked with creating in a FX system the same 'summary' type reports that a customer had available with his old NCMs.

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Or duplicate and create priority summaries it to have priority independently, if you want.