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One photo was of Hayley's voice box and trachea, cut open to show the soot inside.After viewing, three jurors looked over at members of the Petit and Hawke families. Ullmann, one of Hayes' attorneys, focused on Carver's testimony about the autopsy of Michaela.

komisarjevsky has a little daughter who was 5 at the time. Under cross-examination by defense attorney Patrick Culligan, Farmhand said he found eight photographs on Komisarjevsky's cell phone.Award-winning stylist Melissa Murphy, 37, has gained internet fame in recent years by posting photos of her clients before and after she transforms their faces for work, featuring women from all walks of life, from adult movie stars and Playboy models, to actresses and office executives.She has even featured some of her own friends and family.The small solace Donovan was offering was his assurance that Michaela Petit had not been anally raped by his client the morning she died.Komisarjevsky, he told the press, Donovan made that statement outside the Church Street courthouse where his client’s alleged accomplice, Steven Hayes, in on trial for his role in the same crime, the 2007 Cheshire home invasion and murders of members of the Petit family.

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She said accelerant traces were found on the carpet in Hayley's bedroom and in the hallway outside her room. Hayes told him, “Joshua was walking in and out of the room with a baseball bat” during the sexual assault. On Wednesday afternoon, the medical examiner took the stand as a long day of difficult testimony continues and the judge warned the jury that they will be seeing some "clearly disturbing photos." Michaela was burned.

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