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What British officials called the "Unhappy Distrubance at Boston," Paul Revere labeled a "bloody massacre." His print of the event, based on an illustration by Henry Pelham, was widely circulated.

The British soldiers were tried for murder and were defended by John Adams, a young Boston lawyer who was as loyal to the idea of justice as he was to the Patriot cause.

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Redcoats were sent to Boston to quell riots in the wake of the Townsend Duties and to protect customs officials.

Freedom Trail Foundation tours that feature this site: Walk Into History Tour Historic Holiday Stroll African-American Patriots Tour Boston Massacre Marker Corner of State & Congress Sts.

Witnesses said Montgomery then fired the first shot.

The crowd continued to press on the soldiers and more shots were fired.

When the smoke cleared, five men lay dead or dying.

The Sons of Liberty held funerals for the victims and organized a vigorous propaganda effort, in order to turn public opinion against the Redcoats.

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