Online dating expert in connecticut

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Online dating expert in connecticut

COMES HERE OFTEN:“Everybody’s doing it,” says Anna Rothschild, an Upper East Side divorcee who takes a town car to Greenwich a few times a month.A favorite hangout is the lounge at the J House hotel, where she hung out with actor Tim Mehnert (above).Finding love using a dating service or an online dating platform is limiting. Connecticut singles can be confident that our accredited Connecticut matchmakers and dating experts can deliver results and help them find real love.No matter what they're looking for or what kind of dating advice they're seeking, whether in Hartford, New Haven, Greenwich, Stamford, Bridgeport or anywhere in between, we can refer them to those who can help!By putting the focus on our client’s needs and maintaining UMA’s ethical standards, our individual practices will flourish and we will be more effective in providing love and happiness to millions of singles throughout the world.FORGET ‘SEX AND THE CITY’: East Village fashion professional Megan Glynn, 30, often takes a half-hour ride on Metro-North on weeknights out to hot suburban clubs like L’Escale, where she hit it off with finance entrepreneur Doug Bookbinder (above).

They may be taken advantage of, aren't aware of their options, or they may just become too overwhelmed to continue with their search.

They don’t know how to find love, where to find love, or who to ask for help with finding love.

Whether you are a professional matchmaker, dating coach or relationship expert, we all share a common goal: to help singles find love.

Customer satisfaction has and always will be our primary goal.

UMA exists to serve the matchmaking and dating community, and to enable our industry professionals to be effective, successful, and efficient in servicing their clients.

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UMA helps connect Connecticut singles with dating and relationship experts, no matter what their needs are!