Online dating getting no response from women

Posted by / 27-Sep-2017 08:58

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This is something that is happening constantly on this site.

Hit me back to chat." I will wait a couple days and then I check my sent messages and see that these girls read the message and never respond. ok..that might warrant a "thank you" response, but not much else... It can seem frustrating, but when they are interested they'll time...luck...! That's not an attack on you, it's just the age we live in. When your profile says your fav thing to do is sit around and talk with friends. I have always answered any message that comes into my inbox, but I rarely get any answers to emails I send out.

try asking more open-ended questions ..."it's really cool that you work with animals, what animals are you currently working with?? When you are 10 years older the said 20 year olds that snubbed you just now will most likely take an interest in you - it's likely they will be 20 pounds heavier and have innumerable emotional hangups by then, though. wait to do this online thing when your an old fart like me. The profiles that get my attention are different, have a specialness to them, tell me something about the man that makes me want to know more about them. Even though I don't have a public picture, I always send a picture to whom ever I am sending a message to.

I can only speak for myself...why I wouldn't reply to your message.

Your pictures look like your high school proofs for your year book. I am on a dating site to look to meet people to date, not friends.

What's up, how are you, how was your weekend, do you want to talk, etc. Read her profile carefully and make the questions/comments specific to her. You may be getting that many emails and comments, but there will many other women whom are not receiving the large number you speak of.

This is not about a dating service set up for women to wade through all the sex starved males out there, so they can cherry pick the best.

I have had two girls contact me that way and it felt awkward.Good luck.those cajun women are the hell off the computer and go where they are. OK , hon, I read your profile, and you know, you don't really have any mistakes on there, but you don't have anything that says "Hey, I'm something special! My intention is to make a friend/s so that I can get to know women in my area and then maybe one day a relationship will come of it.Even the women who say they want the same, never reply. The guy writes back in a snit, raging insults about her for two paragraphs.2.This is just my two cents and what I have experienced so far, and it has worked well.Won't work for everybody, but you do seem like a nice guy so just take the time to make the girls realize it.

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Even if they do want to respond to you they might not feel comfortable doing so with a one liner because it doesn't show that you are actually interested in them.