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It amazes me how many people love wallowing in their own misery. Some people need a real kick in the groin to get started. Which brings us to the last one — As soon as you get your first job you get a nice little slap in the face lesson about the rat race.

I’ve spoken with friends deep in the rat race about moving abroad for a year. And some people need a massive change of scenery, a massive transitional period, to help get them motivated again and excited about life. Although I’ve previously said that quitting your job to travel won’t solve shit (regarding personal/life issues), there are fewer things that can jumpstart people’s motivation and happiness more. You’re stuck in the rat race when you barely make enough to get by.

When you ask people like this what they would rather be doing, or where they’d rather be, they just say “Anywhere but here.” It’s like you’ve numbed yourself to reality to try and cope with it better – higher lows, and lower highs, but more consistency you tell yourself.

But here’s the problem when you’re no longer connecting with your intuition – you end up doing stupid stuff because you think you should, and not because of how it makes you feel.

It’s because our minds have been to behave certain ways and believe certain things. But after 9 months I felt painfully stuck and limited. My friends all became boring old bastards and there wasn’t anything to talk about but gossip and bullshit. What a lot of my friends call “responsibilities” are actually dumbass financial decisions where they put themselves into debt willingly.

It’s like your momma always said “Stop calling your brother an idiot! ” And it’s kinda like that saying “If you think you can and if you think you can’t – you’re right.” Getting unstuck is all about getting your head right. The idea of suffering and slowly dying in a life you hate has got to be worse than the pain of busting your ass to fix it. Life was beginning to suck, and everyday was the same. Unless you have some life and death illness, getting rid of debt should be your #1 priority for anyone that plans on being un-stuck.

It pays us good enough so that we don’t worry, we get a good enough apartment, then a good enough spouse, then a good enough marriage.Outside of the normal paradigm for most: suffering in a job, deadly commutes, boring leisure time, jack-shit on the weekend, and an average spouse.When your car breaks down, you lose your job, and your wife divorces you – all on the same day – these kind of people say stuff like “That’s life.” It’s like their emotional intelligence has vaporized into thin air.Like trying to increase your earning potential in a job you already hate.To me, this has always been a symptom of being stuck, or feeling trapped in the rat race. You have to get that angry bitter shit out of you, so you start cursing at drivers in traffic, calling the lady in line at Walgreens a bitch, and throwing mini tantrums whenever possible. Complaining is the most exciting part of their day – and it’s just about the only attention they get. Girl can’t quit job because girl owes lots of money.

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You just complain, you whine about how difficult life is and how you just wish you were earning more money.

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