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There are far more sexy Cuban women in these clubs then there are guys wanting to pay , so the odds are in your favor.

The other main spot will be at ‘Malecon’ which is a great nightlife area.They have to pay a cover to get in, plus they spend lots of time getting dolled up in nice dresses for you.The best nightclub for the hottest prostitutes in Havana would be Don Cangrejo in Miramar, there are some ridiculously hot girls here and many will go home with you for the right price.As tourism picks up more and more girls are heading to the hot spots trying to get those gringo dollars from guys looking for sex in Havana.If you are a fan of sexy Latinas then this is currently one of the best spots in Latin America to go, but how long will it be until to many foreign men head there and spoil the market?

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Like in many poorer countries around the world you can never be sure if that girl you are dancing with in the great Havana nightlife likes you or likes your wallet.