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You’ll find a wide selection of cute bathing suits in Spicy Lingerie’s large swimwear collection.With hot swimsuits at clearance prices, go ahead and treat yourself to sexy new swimwear at prices that are absolute steals.Lengthen the legs with the high cut style or choose the bikini cut for a classic swimsuit that offers additional coverage of the hips.Now that you’ve found a sexy bikini that fits your sense of style and budget, complete the look with a collection of sexy swimsuit cover ups.Another must-have for your swimsuit collection is a sexy bikini designed with fun and flirty floral prints.

Give your swimsuit style a pop of color with cover ups featuring bold, geometric patterns in pretty pastels or keep it subtle in a white romper with lovely crochet detailing on the sleeves.

We feature cute bikinis designed for all body types, including monokinis, triangle tops, halters, and more.

You’ll also find the sexiest bikinis online with stylish lattice tops and strappy bottom details.

For slim, petite figures, look for bright and bold prints, such as exotic island foliage, geometric designs, and bright pastels, which give the illusion of volume and stature.

If you want to play down voluptuous curves, jewel-toned monochromes give a shapely figure a sleek and slimming effect while highlighting a golden tan.

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For large breasted figures, the halter-top offers more coverage and support while showing off a sexy back.