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Ro Laren is a very unlikable character in the beginning.Well, she has just been released from prison and she is covertly working for Admiral Kennelly in addition to her official task, with an according psychic and emotional stress.Dathon could have chosen a far less dramatic example of the Tamarian language to demonstrate that it is based on metaphors, or he could have given Picard and the Starfleet crew more time.After all Deanna and Data find out a lot on Darmok and Tanagra without being exposed to any danger.Cultural misunderstandings with the latter are commonplace, but at least there is never a problem speaking with them - thanks to the universal translator."Darmok" is remarkable because it is the first time in Star Trek that communication with a humanoid race is not possible but has to be worked out, which is a missed story opportunity of TOS and early TNG in hindsight.I like the interaction of Patrick Stewart as Picard and Paul Winfield as Dathon.They are quite convincing as two people who have much in common and who are trying hard to understand each other. Something that bothers me about the story is that Captain Dathon creates a dangerous scenario for himself and Picard without a good reason, a reckless maneuver that would cost him his life.

Most notably "Shaka, when the walls fell" sounds a lot more pleasant than "Shit! The romanticized language of the Tamarians is contrasted with their technology, and with their determination to use it against the Enterprise.

But Kennelly's actual goal is to find Orta's hiding place so the terrorist can be eliminated by the Cardassians.

Kennelly, however, is not aware that the Cardassians raided the outpost themselves to put an end to the Federation aid for the Bajorans. He gives the Cardassians the desired opportunity to get rid of Orta's resistance movement as planned, but they just destroy an empty old ship.

Rating: 7 Stardate 45076.3: A Federation colony has been attacked by Bajoran extremists as it seems.

Against Picard's explicit wishes Admiral Kennelly assigns Ensign Ro Laren, a Bajoran Starfleet officer who has been sentenced for disobeying orders, to the Enterprise.

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Aside from that, I think both sides should have tried harder to develop a common language - preferably one based on pictures and symbols.