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Depending many things talking about oneself can be both a good or bad thing, but if you don’t know what you are doing there’s a huge change that you come across as a self-absorbed or self-satisfied smug, this is by all means not a very satisfying place to end up at end of a conversation, and since the goal of any personal conversation ultimately is to build connection, talking exclusively about you self is not a great way to go.

Instead be curious about people, especially the person right in front of you, find out who they are.

If you were searching through an online dating website, what’s the #1 quality / trait that would attract you to someone’s profile?

Here are 100 questions to ask your friends, family and dinner companions. Are there any laws or social rules that completely baffle you?

Questions to spark stories, draw out a few secrets, trigger a few belly laughs…

I think this is one question we all have tried to figure out many, many times.

Especially when we get stock in an awkward moment of silence, we desperately scramble for something interesting to say.

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As a general rule, never do this, in any way, ever, til death.

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