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But I get ahead of myself so will start at the beginning.She give me the address and then dial reception desk.I said I like both soft and medium massage with hot oil treatment.Then he starts with my shoulders as usual, but this time his touch sends a tingle all way through my body that makes my pussy flood with wetness as I think about what is yet to happen.Massage never ever felt this nice before, can feel my eyes fluttering.He only touching back and arms and my whole body is responding like never before.Then she hand me the phone so I make appointment for next morning, am so turned by thought of doing something so naughty.After sister leave I keep thinking about massage and get so excited I have to play with self. It no work, mind won't think about anything else, lol.

I take of my clothes, lay them on bench and grab large towel from rack. Towel is very large but I fold so just barely large enough to cover bottom and wait for massage guy to ask to enter.So I spend whole night playing with self and thinking about what I will wear next morning and how far will let massage guy go, by time sun come up can hardly contain how excited I am.So I get up in the morning and take nice shower then pick out special outfit. I pick out nice white top that exposed one shoulder so guys can see golden color of my skin and show off my raspberry colored nipples, not totally see through but very suggestive if looking and I hope guys are looking, lol.I know in my head not going to say no to anything he wants to do.Then he move down to other end of table so I not able to see his hard on.

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