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Plans for the evening are ruined when Kevin Pickford's parents discover his intention to host a keg party.Elsewhere, the intellectual trio of Cynthia Dunn, Tony Olson, and Mike Newhouse decide to participate in the evening's activities.Mitch is introduced to sophomore Julie Simms, with whom he shares a mutual attraction.

Mike, suffering from the humiliation of his confrontation with Clint, decides to make a stand, punches him, and gets tackled. Football player Benny O'Donnell confronts Pink about his refusal to sign the pledge.Randall "Pink" Floyd, the school's star football player, is asked to sign a pledge promising not to take drugs during the summer or do anything that would "jeopardize the goal of a championship season".When classes end, the incoming freshman boys are hunted down by the seniors and paddled.Mitch arrives home after sunrise to find his mother has waited up for him.She decides against punishment but warns him about coming home late again.

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Apart from "Dublin Crow", which features bogus Americana banjos and mandolins, it's mainly brusque and strident raunch-rock, with an unappealing cajoling tone that virtually dares you not to find the songs clever and the hooks contagious.

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