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Play online celebrity sex games

And the Artist Formerly Known as Marky Mark appeared (along with the immortal Funky Bunch) in a Sega game called Make My Video. Created with the blessing of Paul Mc Cartney and Ringo Starr (as well as George Harrison's son, Dhani), the game allowed players to perform the Fab Four's hits in era-appropriate settings (including The Ed Sullivan Show) and without all the acrimony.Players could pretend to direct and edit Marky Mark videos for songs such as "Good Vibrations" and "You Gotta Believe." Alas, the game was not a hit. While reviews were glowing—The New York Times called it "nothing less than a cultural watershed"—the game did not outsell other versions in the Rock Band franchise.See full summary » A struggling photographer makes an amazing discovery when a new tenant in his building starts to behave strangely.Paul the landlord and photographer lives with his girlfriend Samantha. See full summary » Lindsey and Geena spend some time together by the pool while their husbands play golf.See full summary » Charlie is an artist in a slump.He is constantly harassed by his "step-father-in-law," Bob Masters, about his having shot a burglar in the recent past. See full summary » An attractive woman detective, expert in cases of conjugal infidelity is hired by a mysterious millionaire, unaware that she will get involved in a feverish love triangle to gather all the ...The story, which builds on his 1988 film, Moonwalker, features Jackson's attempt to (irony alert! In 2011, two years after the singer's death, a new game was released— Michael Jackson: The Experience—in which players could perform Jackson's biggest hits and try to master his signature dance moves. Gwen Stefani No Doubt's appearance in Band Hero—Activision's group version of Guitar Hero—was not without controversy.

Ricky Gervais He may have pulled his punch lines at the 2012 Golden Globes, but Ricky Gervais got in touch with his inner badass with an appearance in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.But as the Beatles taught us, money can't buy you love.Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Avril Lavigne Released in 2003, The Sims: Superstar allows players to break into show business by signing with an agent and then heading to Studio Town to build a career.After talking about their fantasies they begin to enact a few of them for each other. See full summary » A lingerie model has been strangled inside a wealthy fashion designer's house, and the designer is the obvious suspect.When the police appear to be dragging their feet on the investigation...

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See full summary » A low-level assistant to a successful movie producer is given a very special assignment -- watch over the boss' house while he's away.

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