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First, are you a DVD installer or a digital installer? Next, you will be given the option to choose your preferred Language settings as well as the game client installation location (multiple languages can also be installed). Please keep in mind, if you download the client from the link above, you will still be required to apply a retail copy of the game to your account before you can login and play.

Well, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and prepare for installation. If you are on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, you should see a UAC (User Account Control) message appear. When installing from the installation discs, keep in mind that the installer will also be updating/patching while installing from the Internet so this will affect bandwidth usage. If you choose, you can download the game client here before purchasing the game:

An additional idea would be emergency/restricted passwords to an account, by the way.

The "emergency" password would lock the account, kick the chars out of the game and open a support ticket.

No one will do all these changes all within a matter of seconds/minutes.

Also there needs to be a way either in game or out of game for a customer to immediately report and lock down their accounts.

The problem now is that even if I entered the “p” option the next time I access SVN the same exception occurs again.

Especially if they would just offer it as an "upgrade option", i.e. But one of those small security tokens, like Wo W/Paypal/RSA etc.offer them, that would work and would 100% prevent account hacking (that is, if they ask for the password from the device even if you click the "I forgot my standard account password" link).

I believe alot of these changes will help NCSoft staff and the players increase their account security.

No matter how safe someone is there is always a chance of getting hacked some hackers do it by brute force some do it with viruses.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already set up a Wild Star account and applied your serial code, you will not be able to log in.

Once patching completes, you should have the option to click ‘Play’ and you’re good to go!

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It will save hours of GM's time not having to go through trade logs if accounts can be locked down within minutes instead of hours/days.