Polly dating dating with latvian

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Polly dating

And, to be honest, at my core I’m feeling a bit of relief. What is flooring me is the piece about how he didn’t love me. I went to a therapist as a preemptive measure because I knew this most recent boyfriend and I were about to have either the breakup conversation or the “let’s start taking steps toward building a life together” conversation, and I wanted to talk through how to approach both scenarios.

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She comes from a background of street photography and I love how that shows in her work. Top three would have to be Shoreditch for all the awesome street art, Portobello for it’s vibrancy and colour and Southbank for the sheer variety of atmospheres and different backdrops, plus there is always something going on.

She’s particularly talented at capturing those natural, relaxed, unguarded moments that make for such great dating photos. Since moving to London several years ago I am a Londonphile through and through. With street photography I capture candid moments and make up stories for the strangers I shoot.

And I also love how her street photography background influences her portrait work bringing a certain edge to it. As with all our photographers, Polly quickly demonstrated a savvy understanding of everything the Hey Saturday brand stands for; everything from how to make clients feel good to creating awesome, stand-out photos. I cannot get enough of this city and keep on discovering new fascinating bits of it especially when I run my street photography workshops. I would love to head to the coast – Brighton, Broadstairs, Hastings… Ultimately I like people and everyone has their little quirks, and it’s fun to get to chat and get to know a little about someone even if it’s just for the duration of a shoot. While with portrait photography I get to capture the essence of someone’s personality, while ensuring they look good! Oh and get some awesome dating photos from Hey Saturday of course!!

I’m getting fantastic feedback from her clients and the final photos are gorgeous. I love being by the ocean and can’t get enough of the colourful kitsch British seaside vibe of deckchairs, candy floss and bunting. So it is a very different challenge that I enjoy so much.

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