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Ruthlessly seductive, terrifyingly passionate and scandalously charming and he's just declared the bold, fierce boy will be his new Courtesan.Yugi Muto has a secret; He's a Hikari, a legend most people no longer understand.Recién salida de rehabilitación, Nessie decide reconectarse con su hermana Bella. Traducción When Jenna Sommers gets *the* call, she runs home to Mystic Falls to fulfill a promise.Quedarse atrás de los problemas no es tan fácil, especialmente con un policía viviendo a un lado. Along goes Bella, Jenna's best friend, who has her own past to confront in the vampire infested town.None of his friends had a single bad thing to say about their university, except for when it came to the Notorious Atem Sennen, whom the student body dubbed as "Yami" for being dark and corrupt. Bella es maestra de primaria, Edward se siente inútil desde que tuvo un accidente que lo dejo en silla de ruedas, ella no conocía a Edward hasta caer básicamente encima de él. Eddie Masen, estrella del rock, en la cúspide de su carrera lo perderá todo, sabrá que su vida ha sido de mentiras y que el verdadero amor siempre estuvo allí, frente a él; Isabella Swan, una mujer que juró odiar, es la única que podrá salvarlo ¿estará ella dispuesta a perdonarlo después que él destruyó su vida?How will Yugi's investment with Yami affect his "new" life? Ahora parece que sus caminos se han cruzado y ella esta decidida a conocerlo y demostrarle que es más de lo que él cree de sí mismo./. Growing up is hard to do and even harder when you're the reincarnation of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Una historia de rock excesos y soledad, Taken from the only home he's ever known, Yugi defies his fate and escapes his ruthless captors—only to end up in the arms and mercy of the most powerful man in Kemet: Pharaoh Atem.But one day Klaus decides to kidnap Bella do to her closeness to Elena Gibert.

Mi mama es decoradora de interiores, y la amo con locura nos a sacado adelante a mi y a mis hermanas, mi padre murió en un accidente, nosotros vivíamos en Texas pero le ofrecieron un trabajo a While on the run from Victoria Bella ends up in the town of Mystic Falls where she meets the TVD gang and befriends them along the way.What good can come lingering so solidly in a world he is meant to leave?[Puzzleshipping, Canon Branch-Off]A twist of fate during the Ceremonial Duel leaves everyone saying goodbye to the Yuugi they didn't expect to lose.But after a failed suicide attempt, he is brought to a strange land by a shadowed figure, and is absolutely clueless.Not to mention that the two kings, whom are at war, have their eyes set on Yugi.

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What happens when his daughter is the only witness? This is about how the Grey family copes with worst loss in their lives.