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Prince albert dating

Albert, who has been married to Princess Charlene since 2011, said his younger sister struggled to deal with the fact that she couldn't save their mother.

'I didn't think twice about it and went down with him, Caroline as well, and of course it was a very shocking moment,' the Prince explained.'One where you're not sure what to think.

'You know, just the pain of being in that car with our mother and not being able to pull her out or to have a different outcome.

She was injured, of course also, but I think it's a traumatic experience and it would be for anybody.'Prince Albert said his late father Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, who died in 2005, was a changed man following the death of his wife.'It was pretty obvious that he was deeply affected and he wasn't quite the same man as he was before the accident,' Albert confessed.

Of course you think that things are going to improve and it's not as bad an accident as you thought it was so...

those few hours there were very tense and very emotional.'He added: 'It wasn't until later that evening that it became apparent that the outcome was not going to be a good one.'The royal also spoke about life in the public eye, saying it can be a case of having to 'grin and bear it' during public engagements.'Gradually, and around the age of probably four or five, you kind of notice that you're in a bit of a different family, and people have different expectations of you, people making a fuss over you.

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It was the same hairpin curve that she zoomed around in the 1955 film To Catch A Thief.