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Approaching women while they’re at work is a rigged game, especially if they’re working in the service industry or any job where a woman has to be “nice” for a living.

Don’t get me wrong; to some guys, the cute barista is more appealing than any other woman on Earth…

One of the keys to social calibration is understanding the cues and context that tell you when a woman is open to being approached and when she isn’t.

Now an obvious caveat: people are people and everyone sets their boundaries where they see fit.

Also: remember what I said about the “do not disturb” signs?One of the keys to getting better at interacting with women is to understand the differences in how men and women are taught to communicate.Women are taught to be indirect when communicating their desires and interests – especially when it comes to interacting with men – and are more likely to rely on non-verbal communication.One of the worst possible places to approach women is on just about any form of public transit.You’re dealing with people who are frustrated, stressed, hungover or generally wishing they were anywhere else.


Getting off early is no guarantee that she’s going to get away from the guy – there’s really nothing stopping him from deciding “no, this is my stop too” – and adds other risks like being late to work and losing her job.

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  1. टेंडर क्र.25 के अंतर्गत दिनांक 17/11/2017 को हुई प्री-बिड मीटिंग में प्राप्त सुझाओं के अंतर्गत संशोधन पत्र |) भावपत्र आमंत्रण सूचना (श्री महाकालेश्वर मंदिर प्रबंध समिति द्वारा संचालित श्री महाकालेश्वर वैदिक प्रशिक्षण एवं शोध संस्थान चिंतामन जवासिया में तीन नवीन सत्र २०१७ में बटुको के अध्ययन हेतु स्टेशनरी सामग्री क्रय की जाना है !