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Read dune house atreides online dating

That's the shittiest thing about vintages: when they're gone, they're gone.This is the first expensive, designer perfume I have ever smelled.In the early 90’s almost everyone I knew wore their fragrance beautifully loud. This is one of Dior that I will always keep in stock reformulate or not.It’s seductive and sexy, absolutely in love with this.I'm the latter in this case, I've never smelt anything like it and it's very particular in a way that I enjoy it.

A true harlot tuberose turned to a behemoth plant in Edgar Allen Poe’s greenhouse, plus a strange full-bodied plum and enchanting honey/incense form a fragrance that both draws in and revolts.

I was a kid back in the 80's, and I sniffed it at a department store perfume counter at the mall.

I thought it was amazing back then, and I still think it's amazing today. To me, it smells like a blend of tuberose, leather, and grapes.

I just gifted myself with a vintage EDT, in high dose it can be lethal.

If I spray in the air and walk through, it is addictive and powerful.

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So, imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a vintage bottle of the EDT for Christmas this year. Oh, thank you, Perfume Gods and Grandma Angel, it's awesome!

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