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In the build up questions run through your head: do I look okay? It’s time to call off the search mission and put your faith in the dating app Gods.

No one wants to be breathing in the scent of coffee while you’re digging into a juicy steak. Unfortunately for us regular folk love isn’t the way it’s cracked out to be in movies.

So you can sit back and rest easy knowing that you and your perfect match are not going to be finding yourself on a first date disaster.

However, the same cannot be said for these guys: 1.

The combination of an open mind and an eagerness to sow wild oats can be both a blessing and a curse: I know this to be true.

Thanks to the rise of dating apps like Tinder, when I've found myself bored, lonely, and itching to experience something, I'm able to do so quickly — to mixed results.

I listened sympathetically as he told me how he ‘regularly produced massive stools’ due to him being a vegetarian, making tears in his ‘tiny anus,’ which he had to put cream on. We had a lot in common, including our hobbies and politics and stuff like that, so I was thinking we might hit it off.

Seek comfort and humor in the five weirdest Tinder dates I've been on.On the freeway on the way home, I just couldn’t ‘hold it’ anymore. In the cool night air, with only my date’s car shielding me from the freeway, I had to relieve myself to end my gastrointestinal torture. But I’d take my experience over the above any day of the week.My date kindly and quickly pulled off the road on an offramp, and I jumped out. Or better yet I’ll avoid them all completely and leave my love life up to Once.She thought she was being stood up, he had diarrhea Showboats “I was on a first date with a cute girl that was going really well, when suddenly I was overcome with a violent case of Montezuma’s revenge.I calmly excused myself and walked to the bathroom as fast as I could without it being obvious that I was sprinting.

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Now, bear in mind that I’m not super attractive, so up to this point she hasn’t seen any pictures of me, instead we have pre-arranged recognition signals.

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