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Sameera reddy dating

You’ll never find me spouting clichés like, ‘We’re just good friends,’ or ‘I’m single and ready to mingle.’ Why would I wish to deny or hide that, as if it’s something shameful?

But it’s a fine balance – I don’t believe in making every detail public either.

I think with time, every couple figures out their own way. It’s critical to be truly tuned into each other’s desires and needs – be it psychological, physical or emotional.

I feel it’s very important to talk every day, and learn to listen – truly listen – to one another.

I, for one, would not be able to emotionally define water, or poetry, or love. For me, love is the most beautiful part of being human.

Sameera Reddy tied the knot with Akshai Varde at a small ceremony on Tuesday.

Just as a live-in relationship can have every little strength of a perfect marriage, I have seen marriages in which spouses are happy to live very separate lives, emotionally and/or sexually. If I knew where they were, I wouldn’t be single right now!

I’m no prude, but a marriage like that would never work for me. Right It’s just that connect, that will make me know that he is the one. I think they are out there but they are too intimidated to come to me. I have a thesis on this topic that I shall explain some other time.

Sameera looked radiant in a gold and red brocade sari with a gold waist belt.

Her wedding outfit was designed by Nishka Lulla whose garments Sameera has often been spotted in for fashion outings.

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Three contemporary women share their views on men, romance and kinship.