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Cons: Supposedly has a new, decent album on the way, but her early singles were, frankly, terrible. Pros: Her genre-smashing, Diplo-enhanced album — which fuses dub, dance hall, and pretty much everything else while still being totally listenable — makes her the front-runner, even if her upbringing was marked by few violent political uprisings.

A.: 15 to 1 Robyn Exciting, easily parrotable backstory? A Swedish former teen-pop star, Robyn had a late-nineties radio hit with "Show Me Love"; then she quit her label and reinvented herself on 2005's awesome , which is finally being released in the U. Cons: Possibly owing to her not being related to any Tamil militants, she seems to have had little difficulty obtaining an American work visa. She was once an A&R person at Epic Records but quit to write songs for R&B singer Res in 2001.

But as of late, at least to this writer, this type of music has become overplayed, bland, and stale. But after that, the rest of the album is nothing more than the same hook (or verse (or chorus—take your pick)) repeated again and again for three minutes straight.

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Portishead’s return this year, as expected, redefined the expectations and sent bands and record labels scrambling to try and match Beth Gibbons and Geoff Barrow’s latest triumph. Following the wonderful (by comparison) first track, I’m not sure if Santi forgot that a basic song structure requires a verse, chorus, and bridge.

The debut, self-titled release from Santogold, the musical alias for American singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire Santi White, appears to be the first attempt that we can measure against the “new bar” of success. And if she’s not following a basic song structure—then at least be creative with the music.

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