Scorpio love tips dating scorpio

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The average Scorpio makes it quite difficult for others to get close to them.

If Scorpios give the impression of being emotionally cold and calculating at times, it’s only because they experience things so intensely and they’re terrified of getting hurt.

She may even subtly instigate dramatic situations just so she can straighten things out.

A Libra woman needs a man to be strong enough to give her the security she needs, tolerant enough to give her the freedom she wants, dramatic enough to keep her interested, and above all, a man who respects her for who she is.

There's no woman without a significant other who is lonelier than a Libra woman.

You could say she's obsessed with being in a relationship. She doesn't yearn for an emotional ride or for love making that will leave her in a puddle of exhaustion.

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