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Plant much smaller in vegetative part^ than the typo, 12 in. Leaves oblong acuminate rather abruptly, tip ])lunt, 3.5 ill. wide, glabrous alwve, roughly appressed hairy on nerves and nervules beneath ; petiole roughly hairy.

Bracts ovate hairy on nerves but much more glabrous than in type. Kedah, Lankawi Islands, Dayong Bunting, Robinson, Nov.

Stamens 2; anther-cells not parallel, t-horth' prolonged below, slightly shorter than tlie co- rolla.

long, tube thick eylindrie, little longer than sepals, dirty white spotted purple, upper limb shorter than lower limb, woody, blunt, lower 3-lobed, lokxs rather broad blunt. long, lower half fawn-colour pustulate, seeds strong retinacula. Kedah, Lankawi islands, Dayong Bunting and Burau^ Hobimon Ot OL Shrubby plant.

It is safe to prophesy that most of the fishes of those countries inhabit our waters and will be recorded later on. Museums and the Baffles Museum, Singapore, who have granted me facilities for consulting the reference libraries and permission to examine and photograph specimens in the Museum collections, I desire to ex- press my indebtedness. To increase the harvest of the sea the fisheries must be continuously investigated ” W^ A. Selangor, LTu Oombak, Ridhy, The only plant this «eem» to Ik* at all near is E, Gnffithiam which has the same kind of broad oblong bracts.

The size of the work would have been trebled if fishes of Borneo, Java, Sumatra and the Malay Archipelago generally, to- gether with Siam and Burma, had admitted. The principles and discoveries of science apply to aquicultuie no less than to agriculture. Others, like some Eels, live in the rivers aaid spawn in the sea^ The common Eel of Europe s, Xegri Sembilan, Bukit Tangga.

Xegri Sembilan, forests on Bukit Ta Jigga, Ridley, LORANTHACEAE. Leaver stiffly coriaceous ovate to lanceolate-acute, base round ; nerves alxmt i] pairs usually invisible; 8 to 3.5 in.

Leaves elliptic-ovate to round blunt, base shortly decairrent on the petiole, scabrid above and beneath; midril) abo\e and beneath and 5 pairs of nerves scurfy jjubeseent 1.2io to in.

Calyx shorter, lobes linear acuminate v\itli broader base, \er in. long; bracts lanceolate a(*uminate from a broad base shorter.

Stems stout, pale emitting long creeping and rooting suckers.

across at the mouth, lobes 6, narrow-linear lanceolate acute .75 in. Stamens 6, very narrow as long as corolla-lobes, anthers basiiixed. Ilab, Perak, Lunong Inas 5,5'0'0 at feet, Vapp fi Ol, URTICACEAE. leaves large ovate cordate, lobes at base round ; nerves 3 from bi^se^ 2 otiter with about 7 nervules running to the edge, midrib wiife -6 Jimr. 307 jxairs of nerves almost opposite, traiiverse iiervules and reticula- tions prominent beneath, above sparsely seabrid hairy, nerves densely hairy, beneath shortly bristly hairy on nerves aiid reticu- lations, under-?

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l-#ea\es ehartaeeous lanceolate acuminate, base euneate : nerves 7 pairs, 7* to 10 in.

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