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Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and second cousins or a parent and offspring who first meet as adults.When Claire Thomas saw the name "Dan" flash up on her mobile, she felt a flutter of excitement.He brings fresh things that may have nothing to do with 'period', but they're alive. They remained close friends until they eventually married in 1996.Working with someone like this is heaven."She said of her castrato role: "Up to a point I do try to be a man on stage, but only physically - in movement. In an interview with The Telegraph in January, she spoke of her mixed feelings about being married to a knight. "It's not something I make use of ordinarily," she said, "and I don't like the way the woman's name is completely eradicated: that you can't be Lady Candace Rattle; you're just Lady Rattle.Emotionally, I don't try to change sex."Last night Sir Simon's mother, Pauline Rattle, a librarian from Liverpool, confirmed that her son was no longer living with his wife. But it's convenient for the gas board, and for situations where people are tempted to disrespect me."News of the couple's separation shocked Sir Simon's friends and colleagues yesterday.

She would always be away on singing engagements and he would always be off conducting somewhere else."Sir Simon's marital problems are the latest in a series of difficulties for the conductor.

She'd met the handsome 24-year-old on a girls' holiday to Crete only a few weeks earlier, and recalling the passionate fling they'd enjoyed on her final night, she was convinced he was ringing to ask if they could continue their summer romance.

Not for a moment did she anticipate the bombshell that followed.

Sir Simon, the music director of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1999 and regarded as the greatest living British conductor, has developed a close friendship with Magdalena Kozena, a Czech mezzo soprano.

Sir Simon met Miss Kozena, 31, one of Europe's most sought-after classical vocalists, while directing Mozart's Idomeneo at Glyndebourne last June.

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  1. I think this isn't a physical thing, this is more a mental thing.'Of course Woods' proclivities were such that he went to rehab for sex addiction in 2009 after his infidelity to wife Elin emerged – more than a dozen women claimed to have been intimate with him and it was said that he had up to 120 mistresses at one time or other.