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Themes of genocide and racism are handled with surreal aplomb, and the film as been enthralling cult (see: drug-fueled) audiences for decades now. It's a devastating, highly nuanced film about war and societal conflict, and well worth revisiting if all you remember about it is how much it made you cry as a kid. is closest thing to a family film on this list, but I'd strongly argue that it's more properly called an adult film that kids can watch, too.They'll probably enjoy the beautiful stop-motion animation and silly antics.Then there’s the style, which combines scenes from Paley’s own life with tales from the Indian epic poem the , his 1972 feature film debut, was a subversive, crude success.Based on the character created by Robert Crumb, and standing in stark contrast to Disney-dominated world of animation, both visually and content-wise, laid claim to the untapped potential of having an anthropomorphic cat explore free love, drugs, and radical politics.All movies are animated, in that a film strip is composed of still images that, when moved fast enough before a beam of light, create the illusion of movement.

Documentaries long strode the line between fact and fiction, but completely changed the game.Using rotoscoped animation to recreate lost memories, Folman blends reality and surrealist elements to paint a vision of war unlike anything else in cinematic history. is a charming, beautiful film about a piano player and a singer whose lives through the '40s and '50s take them through the full range of romance and heartache.The two find themselves confronting racism, drug dealing, and Castro's Cuba. The film, about a singer who decides to become an actress and slowly descends into the dark, surreal world of her own ambitions, was practically remade by Darren Aronofsky with Don Hertzfeld's incredible first feature film—actually comprised of three collected short films—is experimental animation at its finest.There was a time adults wouldn't be caught dead seeing a Disney film without a child in tow, but these days Pixar and their competitors attract adults to evening shows with the promise of subtle humor, clever plotting, and scenes that would make any parent with a soul shed a lake's worth of tears.But the animated movie for adults isn’t a revolutionary idea.

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The movie is based on Roald Dahl's children's novel, of course, but director Wes Anderson adapted it into somebody much deeper, about flailing masculinity and the wide reaching effects of self-destructive behavior. is perhaps the prototypical anime feature, and for a reason: it's great.

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