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In early March 2008, TLC launched a slightly refreshed look and promotional campaign, alongside a new slogan: "Life surprises".

This new slogan came as TLC began to shift even more to personal stories, and away from the once-dominating home improvement shows.

In 1998, the channel began to distance itself from its original name "The Learning Channel", and instead began to advertise itself only as "TLC".

During this period, there was a huge shift in content, with most new programming being geared towards reality-drama and interior design shows.

Captain's Log aired weekly in primetime on TLC from 1987 to 1990.

It achieved between a 4.5 to 6 share in the ratings and was the highest compensated series in the history of TLC with over 30 times the compensation of any other TLC series.

Most of TLC's programming today is geared towards reality-based drama or interests such as home design, emergency room or medical dramas, extreme weather, law enforcement, dating, and human interest programs.The Learning Channel continued to focus primarily on instructional and educational programming through much of the 1990s, but began to air shows less focused on education and themed more toward popular consumption and mass marketing; these would be later expanded.TLC still aired educational programs such as Paleoworld (a show about prehistoric creatures), though more and more of its programming began to be devoted to niche audiences for shows regarding subjects like home improvement (Home Time and Home Savvy were two of the first), arts and crafts, crime programs such as The New Detectives, medical programming (particularly reality-based shows following real patients through the process of operations), and other shows that appealed to daytime audiences, particularly housewives.An agreement was made with FNN and Infotech to buy their shares for .75 million.The non-profit Appalachian Community Service Network owned 35 percent of the network, and was also bought out.

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Programs focused on family life became the core of the channel.

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  1. It was announced in February 2009 that's European operations was sold to Meetic for 5 million Euros and a reported twenty-seven percent interest in the company.