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If you are a tourist visiting Colombia without a visa you can use your valid driver’s license from your home country with your passport to drive in Colombia.

There is no need for getting a Colombian drivers license.

Information about driver’s medical exams are also included.

The RUNT system also keeps track of fines, subpoenas or other traffic violations committed by drivers.

There is no cost involved in getting registered in the RUNT system.

The RUNT records information about your driver’s license such as type and class license, date of issue, expiration date and temporary or partial suspensions.

A total of 81.6% of expats living in Medellín we surveyed responded that they do not have a car.

You can find them listed in the Yellow pages under .

A neighbor in Sabaneta went for his Colombian drivers license recently.

Note the above photo is courtesy of Colombia’s Ministerio de Transporte.

Near where I live in Sabaneta is Autoescuela Educar that has a price of only 370,000 pesos (7).

If you have driven before and have a driver’s license from another country you may be able to take a written exam without the need to take any classes. Another expat in Medellín reported that in Estadio he had to take a road test and a test about road signs.

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The RUNT system is national database used Colombia.