Single parent dating site reviews ukulele

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Single parent dating site reviews ukulele

"We were both just kind of done with being on the West Coast.Elizabeth had been living thousands of miles away from her family for over a decade — a distance that now felt farther with two kids in the picture." Elizabeth started packing up the house right way — stuffed animals, kitchenware that was seldom used. Greg thought he'd discovered a release valve from the pressure, "but Elizabeth still just wasn't herself," he says. On June 1, 2016, Elizabeth, then 39, committed suicide after battling postpartum depression (PPD) for months, if not longer.On a crystal-clear California afternoon, Greg, 51, became a widower and a single parent to their two children, Emma, 9, and Ethan, 2.

At home, she kept insisting on fast-tracking the move, wanting to be back east by the end of the month. Insignificant things because it wasn't supposed to be a significant day."That night, I helped Elizabeth get the kids to bed, and then I had to step out for a bit," Greg says.

What happened afterward, he says, is a blur."I started doing CPR while calling 911 at the same time," he says.

"The ambulance arrived, the police, a fire truck — we were At the hospital, he held Elizabeth's hand while she lay in the ICU.

Late one night in May 2016, a few weeks before Elizabeth died, Greg Googled: It's a moment that sticks out now."Looking back, and knowing that I couldn't figure it out, the guilt on my part is huge," Greg says. "It was normal for me to run a few errands in the evening — swing by the grocery store, fill the car up with gas, stuff like that.

"It feels like I failed my wife, because I know now that all of the talk of moving was Elizabeth's final act of desperation — it was a way for her to try and fix what she was feeling."The morning of June 1, 2016, started off just like any other weekday. A few hours later, Elizabeth got the kids ready and dropped them off at school and day care before heading to her office. Elizabeth was upset that the move was taking so long, and we agreed to talk about it later that night."When Greg returned home an hour or two later, he walked in and found Elizabeth unconscious.

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We were a well-oiled machine."But then something changed.