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including two fountains in the Elisenbrunnen and the Burtscheid bathhouse.Roman civil administration in Aachen broke down between the end of the 4th and beginning of the 5th centuries.Rome withdrew its troops from the area, but the town remained populated.By 470, the town came to be ruled by the Ripuarian Franks After Roman times, Pepin the Short had a castle residence built in the town, due to the proximity of the hot springs and also for strategic reasons as it is located between the Rhineland and northern France.A kind of forum, surrounded by colonnades, connected the two spa complexes.There was also an extensive residential area, part of it inhabited by a flourishing Jewish community.Aachen's name in French and German evolved in parallel.

This word became Åxhe in Walloon and Aix in French, and subsequently Aix-la-Chapelle after Charlemagne had his palatine chapel built there in the late eighth century and then made the city his empire's capital.

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