Sitting tree dating dating much older guy

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Sitting tree dating

It was a feeble offering; there were no two ways about it.He certainly wasn't keeping it himself, however, so he'd have to give it to her tonight and look for something better in the morning.The fact that she hadn't so much as flinched at his abrupt appearance, Remus noted, was as telling a sign as any of her preoccupation.They were all worried about Harry, Ron and Hermione, who had been in patchy contact for the past few weeks, but he realized that Molly probably felt it most keenly.

If the forecast on the wireless was to be believed, this stretch of particularly foul weather was due to last some weeks.He opened his eyes to find the soothing sight of Molly, clothed in an apron and smudges of flour, with an open cookbook balanced on her arm.Several pots bubbled on the stove, wooden spoons stirring in their depths, and the aroma brought his feet an instinctive step closer.A/N: Originally written for the 2006 Valentine's Day Challenge. :)It was February thirteenth, and Remus still hadn't bought Tonks's gift. He wasn't one to leave things until the last minute and had never taken much enjoyment in eleventh hour shopping; unlike many of his fellow males, he found the experience stressful and tiresome.Disclaimer: Most characters, spells and places belong to J. His opinion of Valentine's Day fell in the same dismal region.

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