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Press the barbell from the shoulder to an overhead position, it’ll naturally travel in front of you.This is ideal for anyone lacking in shoulder range or suffering from fatigue after the squat to press!It can also be used to overload the classic pressing movement due to a reduced range of movement.For beginners, it is a safe learning tool – there’s no chance of being crushed under the weight and its possible to focus solely on perfecting the concentric phase.Having swapped sides for the half kneeling press, regain your feet to perform the side –to-side landmine.

After you’ve done your 8, chose a side to half kneel on.Sorry bro, they kind of have a point with that one.) I'm not the only one who's noticed this assault on people who are actually trying to get a workout.Men's Health called Planet Fitness "The Worst Gym In America," and over the past few months, my comrades-in-(big)-arms have been speaking out against the chain on blogs, in bodybuilding forums, and at the websites of weightlifting and health-club magazines." The facility also comes equipped with a "lunk alarm"—a siren that is supposed to go off whenever someone grunts too loudly or drops a heavy weight on the floor.(The latter is a moot point at most Planet Fitness locations, where they don't even have any large weights.) I've never set off the alarm, but on more than one occasion, in different locations around the country, I've been lectured by staffers for breathing too hard when lifting, and I've gotten dirty looks for excessive sweating in the weight room. (Nor is it this guy's, a Planet Fitness member who claimed last week that he had his membership revoked for making a video of himself flexing in the locker room.

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If you read last month’s issue you will have seen the duo’s functional fitness workout.