Statistical techniques for detecting and validating phonesthemes 13yr webcam

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Statistical techniques for detecting and validating phonesthemes

It presents a small set of semantic features that can be identified with a high degree of confidence by a surprisingly simple process that has been overlooked.These features combine to form the structural framework of the meanings of words.In some cases, there may appear to be good sound-symbolic reasons why phonesthemes would have the form they have.

Within Peirce's "theory of signs" the phonestheme is considered to be an "icon" rather than a "symbol" or an "index".The term phonestheme (or phonaestheme in British English) was coined in 1930 by British linguist J. Firth (from the Greek φωνή phone, "sound", and αἴσθημα aisthema, "perception" from αίσθάνομαι aisthanomai, "I perceive") to label the systematic pairing of form and meaning in a language.Such pairing would violate the arbitrariness principle of semantics.But critically, there are many phonesthemes for which there can be no sound-symbolic basis, such as "gl-", for the simple reason that their meanings (such as 'pertaining to light or vision') entail no sound.While there are numerous studies on living languages, research is lacking about ancient languages, although the first documented example of phonesthemes dates back to at least the fourth century B.

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Various studies have demonstrated that when asked to invent or interpret new words, subjects tend to follow patterns predicted by looking at the phonesthemes in their language.

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