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Syndare i sommarsol online dating

She tells him that Niedermann was the culprit, and Sonny vows revenge.

On the day of her murder trial, Salander enters court with piercings, a mohawk, black makeup, and black leather clothing.

) is a 2009 Swedish thriller film directed by Daniel Alfredson, and the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Romantic relationship, family and home are the foundations for success.

They have a great sense of order, responsibility and justice.

It is easy for them to conform to a set system or order and they like to ensure strict adherence to laws and generally accepted rules.

Called as an expert witness for the prosecution, Teleborian characterizes Salander as delusional and violent, but Giannini gradually demolishes his credibility, using Salander's words and files from the hospital.

She shows the video proving Bjurman raped Salander.

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Teleborian is then arrested for possession of child pornography, which Plague had discovered after hacking into his laptop. Salander goes to check on a property she has inherited from her father and discovers the warehouse where Niedermann was hiding.