Teen dating violence psa

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Teen dating violence psa

She becomes a sort of joke among her roommates who are all dudes.Don't get me wrong, this show can be cute and funny, it can also be hard to look past the way some of the male characters treat the women.It focuses on two vampire brothers who lust after a girl.It's honestly a little creepy, seeing as they are both over 100 years old chasing after a 17-year-old girl, but that's a whole different problem.While I consider myself a fan of dramatic TV, I have to admit, a lot of my favorite shows tend to have very sexist plotlines.Even though it’s sometimes unintentional, and even if it’s easy to explain it away by saying it’s “just Hollywood” and not real, we need to confront the fact that so many popular television shows are sexist, and it’s problematic AF.I love this show, but sometimes the way the main character, Jess, is portrayed can be super problematic.

Their whole "bro tips" thing is pretty bothersome, but the way they actually treat women on that show is the worst.Once you open your eyes to them, it might mess with your enjoyment, but honestly? Here are a few of your favorite TV shows that are actually kind of sexist, so you can be more aware of the struggles women still face every day.This is show isn't outwardly sexist, but when it comes down to it, a lot of the episodes contain themes of power and manipulation over the female characters.Anyone remember that one episode where Schmidt gets mad at his ex-girlfriend for wanting to get breast-reduction surgery?He reduced a strong female character into nothing but a walking pair of boobs. I know this might seem obvious to you, but I had to include it because of how incredibly sexist it really is.

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For me, it can become a little too hard to watcha show that treats female characters as if they are only vessles to talk about dudes.