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Ten commandments of dating book

As we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, commemorating the day God gave us the Torah on Mount Sinai, it’s appropriate to reflect on the contemporary messages of The 10 Commandments. Secularism has turned morality into no more than a personal preference.

Sin, evil, wrongdoing are words that have lost all meaning in a world where there are no absolute truths.

The Sabbath not only enables us to become reacquainted with God but with ourselves as well.

It’s been reported that today the one thing people fear more than death is old age.

We impress upon our children the goal of success – and then define it in ways that will leave them spiritually unfulfilled.

We compare the salaries of our educators and our spiritual leaders to the titans of Wall Street, the stars of the sports world and the famous entertainment figures and we have no trouble discerning what the world round about us most reveres.

It is more than tragic when evil is perpetrated in the name of God.

And why is it that every child is automatically entitled to everything by parents – but when parents years later find themselves in need so often are denied the help they so freely gave to their children?

Honoring parents appears on the same tablet set aside for commandments between man and God. The Rabbis answer because just like God, our parents shared in creating us. The 20 century finds civilization threatened once more by those who justify murder on the basis of religious conviction.

There was a time when people understood that true love was a necessary prerequisite for intimacy and that kiddushin, the Hebrew word for marriage meaning holiness, was the ideal way to describe the perfect union between a man and a woman.

It takes courage to defy a culture that glamorizes sexual promiscuity and glorifies its obsession with pornography.

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Today it is the critic of depraved actions who is condemned for his bigoted lack of tolerance. Dostoyevsky understood it well when he wrote in The Brothers Karamazov “Without God, all is permissible.” “I am the Lord your God” is number one on the list of 10 because without that as #1, all you have left is zero.

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