Text dating service

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Text dating service

A new system featuring image verification was also introduced.In this system, users are asked to just click on a checkbox (the system will verify whether the user is a human or not, for example, with some clues such as already-known cookies or mouse movements within the Re CAPTCHA frame) or, if it fails, select one or more images from a selection of nine images.In fact, re CAPTCHA was one of the better systems I’d seen.It wasn’t difficult to solve, and it seemed to work when I used it on my own websites." Munsell goes on to state, after encountering a series of unintelligible images that despite refreshing "Again, and again, and again.The original re CAPTCHA method was designed to show the questionable words separately, as out-of-context correction, rather than in use, such as within a phrase of five words from the original document.Also, the control word might mislead context for the second word, such as a request of "/metal/ /fife/" being entered as "metal file" due to the logical connection of filing with a metal tool being considered more common than the musical instrument "fife".The captchas were not only difficult for a computer to read, but impossible for a human." Munsell then provided numerous examples.

Software engineer Andrew Munsell, in his article "Captchas Are Becoming Ridiculous" states "A couple of years ago, I don’t remember being truly baffled by a captcha.

Google released a new version of re CAPTCHA just hours before their talk, making major changes to both the audio and visual versions of their service.

In this release, the audio version was increased in length from 8 seconds to 30 seconds, and is much more difficult to understand, both for humans as well as bots.

Once a given identification hits 2.5 points, the word is considered valid.

Those words that are consistently given a single identity by human judges are later recycled as control words.

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re CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA-like system designed to establish that a computer user is human (normally in order to protect websites from bots) and, at the same time, assist in the digitization of books.

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