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I was nervous since we were sitting at the very bottom of the theater and everyone could have seen us, but I felt so bad for hurting him, so I did it.

He started kissing my neck, which got me really aroused, and I started getting really into it.

A few weeks ago, I asked Madison if she would open up about the intimate details of her sex life, her struggles, and what it was like growing up trans. I'm a 19-year-old transsexual who resides in rural West Texas.

She revealed both titillating secrets and sweet dreams for her future. I grew up in a really small, conservative town, went to a really small school where everyone knew everything about everyone. I've always felt different ever since I was a young boy playing with my sister's Barbies -- which was about age 3 or 4.

Eventually she caught on when my father was acting "strange" and confronted me about it, and I told her.

At the end of the day, after washing all my makeup off, taking out my clip-in hair extensions, I realized it wasn't enough for me. I then realized I was not a boy and, in fact, I was a girl.

I told them I was gay when I was 14, and at the time I thought I was, because I was attracted to men.

He then told me to suck him, and I was so turned on that I actually did it.

Thank goodness there was no accidental biting at that point. I've always admired women for their beauty, but I never really wanted to have sex with one.

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I was such a prude back then and so inexperienced; I didn't know what I was really doing.

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