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It will only make a loud alarm sound in the hope of deterring the intruder.

Scout was launched February 2013 and has already made a big name for itself.

Note that if you opt out of the monthly monitoring package, your system acts as a local system.

That means that if the siren goes off, it won’t notify anyone.

This can be handy in case you are unable to check your phone (e.g., on an airplane, in a meeting, etc.).

If it notifies you of an event, you have the option to call the police, sound the siren, or ignore it.

Self-monitoring also means you are responsible for contacting authorities if there is a suspicious event in your home.

Because companies are still building their reputation we have only chosen two picks for our winners: Simpli Safe and Scout.

You must be watching the video live to capture a snapshot of your intruder.

This poses a problem if you are busy at the time your home is invaded, resulting in no actual footage of the person.

Wireless security systems are typically cheaper, simpler to install, and easier to relocate than traditional wired systems. Because wireless home security kits are a relatively new development, there aren’t many established companies in this field.

DIY wireless system kits are becoming more popular because they come with all the parts you need for comprehensive security monitoring, but don’t a monthly monitoring fee. There are some great startups and crowdfunding campaigns on the rise, but they either aren’t available yet or are struggling to fix some of their quirks.

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