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Updating rivatuner

I also then believed that it was possible to soft-mod the GTX 285 into a Quadro 5800, but of course learned later that that trick was by then no longer allowed by nvidia.After installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and my applications, I installed the GTX 285 in the T5400 and put the Quadro FX 570 in my previous computer, Dell Dimension 8400 of 2004 (Pentium 4 630 @ 3.0GHZ, 3GB, ATI Radeon 9400, 750GB Seagate, XP Pro 64 -bit), which has among the first 64-bit CPU’s, the hyperthreading Prescott single core which read in Device Manager as two cores.

The recommended cards include ATI Firepros, but mainly Quadros.

The more I learn about rendering, the more I see the need for a very high performance computer- CPU , GPU. Because the graphics performance is so essential to fluent use of the applications I use, it seemed to me, one of the best ways to choose a graphics card is to visit the sites of the applications you intend to use and look into their recommendations for the most demanding version of their applications.

Also, nvidia, which makes the chips and drivers for both Geforce and Quadro offers drivers that are “partnered” for specific use- you can get a specific Solidworks x64 2010 driver for example.

I did learn that view regens depend on the amount of geometry that is visible, so I learned to navigate over the model in plan or around the edges and then zoom in to the position I wanted at the very last so that the least amount of 3D trees and other polygon rich objects were visible.

It even helps to always save the drawing in a view with little geometry visible.

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The Autodesk application I think is the most demanding is the Product Design Suite Ultimate, a vast program which includes Auto Cad, Mechanical Inventor Pro with simulation, 3ds Max, Mudbox, Electrical, and much more.

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